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Hi, I'm Christa Lyons

There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to your health.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, avoid (or manage) a chronic disease, have more energy or age well overall, the process must be personalized to YOUR body and simple to implement in order to get long-term results.

Every day is precious, as is our time, and taking your health into your own hands does not have to mean random strategies and spending hours online making a game plan.

I will help you get started right away, learning how to make incremental changes that can transform your health for years to come.

Finally feel confident that your new path WILL lead to a healthier you.

My Story

After a 20 year career in bookkeeping and copyright licensing, I went back to school to pursue becoming a health coach. My studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition sparked my passion for learning even more about how food is a main component of our health.

Then, I was so fortunate to learn about adding functional lab testing into my offerings. Becoming certified as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner®️ was game changing, for my own health and that of my clients.

It is essential to know that every “body” is different with different needs, which is why personalized coaching is a big piece of the puzzle and can give you the most success.

Instead of guessing what is going on, or endlessly searching online, foundational lab screenings will tell us exactly where function is lost and where your body needs support.

Before I did my own testing, I was getting bloated every time I ate a meal, had extra weight that wouldn’t budge no matter how little I ate and fatigue that set in by 2pm every single day.

I though it was normal because I was in my 40s. But I was so wrong.

Many women settle for feeling less than their best because they don’t know what to do.  I’ll show you the way.

As you start removing the things that do not serve your body, and start filling it with nourishing foods, while creating a lifestyle that supports your body, you’ll find your energy increases, your weight begins to shift towards a healthy range and your skin looks clear and bright. You’ll start to feel like yourself again.


My Approach

When we work together, we will focus on 3 main pillars:

1. Finding the answers to your food frustrations so you can eat with ease.

2. Identifying additional healing opportunities by using functional lab screenings , and designing a personalized roadmap specific to YOUR body and lifestyle, so you steps you can start right away.

3. Creating simple strategies to use now and for the rest of your life , so you can stay on track, and feel healthy and energetic moving forward.

What You Need To Know

Whole foods are essential

Our bodies do not recognize artificial ingredients. When we consume processed foods, some create inflammation, some increase our fat cells and some disrupt our hormones. When we eat whole foods, our body gets nourished and thrives.​

There are only so many hours in a day

The information online can be overwhelming and conflicting and our lives seem to get busier and busier. Having a step by step process to follow can save you time and stress, while fast tracking you to your goals.

You CAN stop guessing and test instead, for real answers

Using functional lab screenings will short cut the process of optimizing your health by telling us the best ways to support your body.

Client Results

Discover how you can look good, truly feel great and thrive each and every day.