What Does Thriving Mean?

What does thriving mean?

What does thriving mean?  In fact, a much better question is “what does thriving mean to you”?

The word thrive is definitely having a hot moment right now.

It seems to be everywhere, even in my own tag line “Eat Well, Live Well, and Thrive”!

According to the dictionary, thrive means:

  1. to prosper; be fortunate or successful
  2. to grow or develop vigorously; flourish (this definition is typically used in children’s development)

My intention for using it is so that you feel the potential that eating well and living well can have for you.

The potential to feel really good, to look how you want to look and to live how you want to live, in the best case scenario.

What does thriving mean to you?

  • Does it mean being at your ideal weight?
  • Does it mean feeling confident in your body?
  • Does it mean having the energy to live vibrantly each day?
  • Does it mean spending time with friends you adore?
  • Does it mean having a job you love?
  • Does it mean you’ve made it, to wherever you’ve been striving to be?

It’s most likely a combination of many things.

Every body is different and needs different things to truly function at it’s best. 

There are many facets to our lives, including food, overall health, life purpose, emotions and social aspects. And finding happiness and prosperity in these areas can definitely support a thriving body and life.

So, let’s pause…

Take a deep breath…

And answer these questions:

“What are three things that I would consider necessary to happen, in order for me to feel like I am thriving?”

Or “what has brought me to this point?”, if you feel like you are thriving now?

What is so great, is that one thing leads to another. 

Take your health for instance.

If you decide that you are going to start eating better.

As you start eating healthier foods, there isn’t as much room for the less healthy foods and gradually, your body begins to feel more nourished, you have more energy and your weight may even start to shift.

Then, you realize that you are feeling better and you start standing up a little taller, and you start smiling a little bit more, and suddenly you are happier and the people around you seem to be happier. 

One day, you are at work and you have a really great conversation with a client and you feel like you are really showing up and doing some of your best work.

And one night you meet a friend and she tells you you look amazing and asks what you have been doing?

You think back and don’t think you’ve done much different, but the small initial changes made have had a compounding positive effect on you!

Whether you call it happiness, success, or prosperity, they are all forms of thriving.

And, each of us will have our own level of thriving that we have, want and/or strive for, none being right or wrong. 

All it takes is one conscious thought, that will motivate you to move into action helping to create your best life.

What will you do today?

Christa Lyons

Functional Health Practitioner

Eat Well, Live Well & Thrive

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