What Does Crowding Out Mean?

crowding out

What does “crowding out” mean?

When you fill up on more healthy things, there is naturally less room for the less healthy things.

This can apply to your thoughts, the foods you eat, the habits you create, almost anything!

It’s not a hard concept, and when practiced over time, it can completely change your life!

Here’s how this works, and stay with me, this really is super simple:

  • The more you fill your mind with positive thoughts, the less room there is for negative thoughts.
  • The more you fill your body with healthy foods, the less room there is for unhealthy foods.
  • The more you put yourself in good situations, the less time you have to be in situations that don’t serve you.

Ways that you can start today to “crowd out” what is not benefitting you:

#1 – DECIDE you’re ready to make some changes

When you DECIDE that you are going to make better changes in your life, you immediately start to make better choices.

#2 – Start eating more foods that nourish and fuel your body FIRST: 

This can be as simple as eating a salad before a burger and fries. If you eat the salad first, you may only want a few fries instead of the whole serving, because your body is already starting to get full from the salad, so you’ve “crowded out” the room left for the not so nutritious part.

#3 – Choose your thoughts carefully:

I’d bet that nobody wakes up in the morning and says “You know what? I’m ready to have a really awful day today!” If you do, we need to talk and work on that!

If you fill your mind with positive thoughts there will naturally be less room for worry, doubt and negativity. 

You can literally train yourself to think positive thoughts, thereby, leaving less room for non-helpful thinking. 

Negative thoughts never really go away, but you can learn to acknowledge them and not give them any power. Quickly changing to a positive thought, can completely reframe the situation.

By bringing more good into your life, there will naturally be less room for the things that are not so good.

What can you “crowd out” today?

Try it and let me know!

Christa Lyons

Functional Health Practitioner

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