How Healthy Are You Really?


Is it possible to know how healthy you are?

The answer to “how healthy are you?” only comes when your body finally says “STOP” to what you are eating, what you are doing and and how you are living each and every day.

Most weeks,  I go to the grocery store, and buy mostly the same things I bought last week and the week before that.

But here’s the thing, why don’t we pay more attention to what we do?

We take our cars to the mechanic for “preventative” maintenance. We go to the doctor every year for our “preventative” annual exam. We pay insurance on our cars, houses and boats, in case something happens.

And why do we do these things?

Because our hope is that they will help prevent us from getting sick, or from getting into an accident and having to pay ridiculous amounts of money out of pocket.

Often times though, we don’t change how we eat or how we live, until we are told to.

It’s all about prevention.

It’s pretty easy to tell when we’ve eaten something that didn’t quite agree with our belly, or if we get a rash after using a certain lotion, these are simple things to change.

The long-term goal of overall prevention of chronic disease  is made up of small positive changes that add up to having a big impact on your health.

How do you feel most days?

  • Is your energy high or do you feel like a nap in the afternoon?
  • Is your stomach comfortable, or is it bloated after you eat?
  • Do your joints ache?
  • Is your skin clear, or does it tend to break out?

By paying attention to how we feel in these areas, we have a better understanding of where we need to make some changes.

Then, when we eat healthier foods, get some exercise each day and create healthy habits for ourselves, we are helping our bodies to function at their best.

Whether you are 20 years old or 90, prevention truly matters.

Our bodies have an amazing way of self healing.

The problem arises when we bombard it with all of the chemicals that we are exposed to every day.

At first, our bodies easily flush the bad stuff out, but over time, the toxins (harmful chemicals found in our food and personal care products) start to accumulate, and our bodies have a tougher time eliminating the build up.

This is often the time that skin issues, digestive issues and even illnesses start to present themselves. It’s your body’s way of saying STOP putting that stuff in me!

So, no matter where you are at in your health journey, your body will thank you for taking safer and healthier steps.

We only get one body.

Every step you take towards getting the toxins out of your life will make you stronger and stronger and enable your body to do what it naturally wants to do for you, prevent toxic buildup and disease.

How healthy are you?

What steps could you take today to be healthier?

Christa Lyons

Functional Health Practitioner

Eat Well, Live Well & Thrive

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